"Australia remembers..."

Since time iMemorial, across culture, religion and race, people mourn the loss of loved ones and commemorate and celebrate their lives. iMemorial extends this tradition to the digital world by way of a personal tribute page to honour and forever remember our dearly departed through customised words, images and videos.

Technology continues to transform how we live, work and play and now with iMemorial how we grieve, honour and remember our loved ones. iMemorial is exclusively dedicated to this purpose and that is why our site is and remains committed to being advertising free.

iMemorial was created to meet the needs of all Australians by providing a reverential space to privately commemorate and celebrate the lives of loved ones. A public forum is also provided for public figures and events. Both these private and public 'spaces' help people work though their grief in a positive and affirming way.

iMemorial is a 'memory keeper', preserving precious memories for future generations. This virtual legacy and digital footprint also serves as an invaluable heirloom.

iMemorial is 100% authentically Australian owned and operated.


I chose to prearrange my iMemorial because I wanted to ensure my memories and life story were passed down to my children and grand children. I feel I have done something invaluable for my family by preserving this personal family history.

Jennifer McManus (Retiree)

I wish such a service had been available as I cared for my father who had dementia. He survived the great depression and war. 'Lest we forget'. I have tried to capture as much of my father's personal testimony, as I remember, before it is lost forever. This iMemorial is the legacy of an amazing Australian - Robert - son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather.....

Anthony Bateman (Adult son)

I adored my Nanny June and grew up hearing all her stories about '...in her day.." and "..when she was a girl..." Now, my grand children and our future generations, can know and remember this amazing woman who worked tirelessly for Melbourne's poor and made the most amazing lamingtons. I recorded her recipe on her iMemorial page for posterity!

Olivia Francesco (Adult grand daughter)

Our family was devastated when our eldest brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Through the process of helping him, his wife and children prepare his iMemorial, I saw how it helped us all reach a place of peace and acceptance. The condolence forum was terrific because others could share their special memories of him. I am so glad my brother got to see his iMemorial before died. It really is his legacy to his family and the world.

Kathryn Nguyen (Sister)

Over time, memories fade and papers and photos get lost. I think iMemorial is brilliant. The best possible 'memory keeper' for the ages. How many people who have ever lived and died have been able to capture their Life story? This unique, never to be repeated 'history' can now be kept not only for the family but humanity.

James Christopoulos (Father of school aged children)

We were all so shocked to hear of our friend Ben's tragic passing at 22 years of age. We got together an arranged an iMemorial because we wanted a respectful and appropriate place to honour and remember him. Now all his friends and family can pay tribute anytime from wherever they are in the world.

Mark Barnis (University Student)