Why don't I just create a Tribute on Facebook?
iMemorial offers a respectful, dedicated online space, which is monitored, to commemorate and celebrate our dearly departed.
How do I upgrade my package?
To upgrade your package direct your request to iMemorial via phone or email.
How many comments can I post on the public forum?
A maximum of two comments per user applies for postings to the public forum. There is no limit to the number of postings made on private iMemorial forums.
Where can I provide my feedback regarding a message/s posted in a private iMemorial Forum?
Direct feedback concerning private forum postings to the custodian. The custodian would have been the person who invited you to visit the private iMemorial. The name and email address of the iMemorial Custodian name is noted on the Main Page of the iMemorial Tribute.
What format can images be loaded in?
Images can be loaded in jpeg or jpg or png format.
I would like like to post a message for my friend. Where would I do this?
If your friend has a private iMemorial there may well have a private condolence forum attached to it. Click visit iMemorial and check if this is the case. The Public Forum is usually used for public figures.
Can I create my iMemorial before I pay for it?
No. The iMemorial template can only be activated upon payment. There are two iMemorial formats to choose from. To view these options click on the Samples tab.
How can I pay for my iMemorial?
iMemorial provides secure payments options of Paypal, MasterCard and VISA via the secure Paypal Gateway.
How do I share information from the iMemorial site?
Share icons are located throughout the iMemorial site. Simply click and send to share information from the iMemorial site with family and friends.
I am not confident in creating and iMemorial myself. How can I get help?
iMemorial support is available via phone or email. Alternatively, you may choose the Eternal iMemorial package where we create and customise the tribute page for you.
How can I remind our family and friends about important anniversary dates?
Automated reminders are a feature offered with all iMemorial packages.
How do I gain access to a private iMemorial?
Access to a private iMemorial via the custodian or person who created the tribute page. Usually an invitation is sent to family and friends with the secure link. iMemorial will not disclose whether an iMemorial exists for an individual but if you are quite sure it does exist we are happy to forward your request to the custodian.